Survey: What TV shows and movies have students been watching over quarantine?


One of the ways students have busied themselves during this pandemic is by watching a variety of both TV shows and movies. Quarantine has allowed an array of new entertainment to hit streaming platforms, so The Paw Print decided to interview a series of students asking them what they have watched:

Tiger King

The reality/true crime documentary released on Mar. 20 explored the dark secrets behind one of the world’s most sensational topics: the realm of big cats. “It was this huge, weird, wacky phenomenon where basically everyone decided to watch it for some reason,” enthused junior Emily Doi. “The show itself is pretty funny, but the best part was the quarantine bonding moment people had because of it.” 

The Wilds

This drama series, available on Amazon Prime, follows several teen girls stuck on an abandoned island as they navigate survival, unaware that they are the subjects of a social experiment. Funmi Idowu, a West Ranch senior, shared, “I thought the show was great! I especially liked how it delved into each of the characters that were stuck on the island. This allowed the watchers to relate to each of them in a small way. It was really interesting how their experience on the island helped them cope and grow from what they were put through, expressing a lot of character development.”

The Queen’s Gambit

“The Queen’s Gambit,” a new Netflix drama miniseries, swept the world this winter with its exploration of the strategic and nuanced world of competitive chess through the eyes of fictitious prodigy Beth Harmon. “My thoughts on ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ was that it had a powerful storyline and development throughout the episodes,” sophomore Caroline Dolce told The Paw Print. “It is a very different show compared to what I’m used to, but I found the new perspective very entertaining. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something new to watch!”

Wanda Vision

This all-new Marvel series, exclusively available on Disney+, follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision as they navigate idyllic suburban lives through multiple time periods, though dark secrets lurk below the surface. “I thought it was interesting how it’s like they combined some of the three most popular TV shows of the similar style for the 1st to the 3rd episode!” explained Samantha Bea, a West Ranch senior. “For that reason it really stood out to me. It was definitely a plus that they happen to be my favorite shows which took place in the 50-60’s, which mashed in a blender to get the perfect combination. The shows I’m referring to specifically are: ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ ‘Bewitched,’ and ‘I Love Lucy.’”


The new Disney and Pixar movie “Soul” has recently been a favorite on Disney Plus. Numerous students, including West Ranch freshman Sabella Habtemariam, found the movie to be riveting. “When I first watched this movie, I didn’t really know what I was expecting. ‘Soul’ is unlike any movie Pixar has ever made; it brings together so many important and interesting topics such as what makes people passionate and what makes life important while still keeping the movie lighthearted and funny. Something that I really liked about ‘Soul’ was how it represented black characters and black culture. It was great to see black families and community on the screen, along with black music such as jazz and soul. I also really liked the animation style that gave the movie a futuristic feel.”

Enola Holmes

In comparison to other Sherlock Holmes spin-offs, “Enola Holmes” features the life of Sherlock’s sister. The main premise includes Enola attempting to find and meet her mother, along with helping a runaway lord. Danielle Kay, a West Ranch freshman, described how she enjoyed the movie herself. “‘Enola Holmes’ is worth watching because it shows the sister of Sherlock Holmes, when it’s usually Sherlock Holmes that everyone knows about,” she explained. “Compared to other movies I’ve seen, I liked how comedy, romance, and mystery were all put into one movie.”

Wonder Woman

Junior Abby Vasquez enjoyed the musical arrangement of the powerful superhero, however believed the story was hard to follow. “While the plot was a bit scattered, I enjoyed the acting and I thought the soundtrack was absolutely brilliant and it paired really well with the movie. I quite liked the references to the original ‘Wonder Woman’ T.V. show and comics. I don’t know that I would recommend the movie; however, if someone were to tell me that they wanted to watch it I wouldn’t talk them out of it.”


“I really liked ‘Onward,’” sophomore Siddharth Sudan told The Paw Print. Among kids, teens like Sudan and adults alike, the animated Pixar comedy (which featured the vocal talents of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) brought a much-needed laugh to homes everywhere via Disney+. “I felt that it was a very creative idea with all of the mythical creatures like unicorns, centaurs, and goblins, but it was also really relatable because it was about a high school kid,” continued Sudan. “I also like the relationship between the brothers because even though Barley is obnoxious, Ian wouldn’t have made it anywhere without him and when Barley does leave, Ian realizes he needs him. I would recommend this movie to others because of the amazing story, comedy, and the journey these two brothers take together.”

Palm Springs

“Palm Springs,” a Sundance Festival Film turned Hulu exclusive, is another new film released during the pandemic that features two wedding guests finding themselves caught in an infinite time loop. “During quarantine, ‘Palm Springs’ provided an escape to a desert paradise with its bright colors and love story. Plus, I went to see it at the drive-in movie theater with my dad and that was really fun!” explained Riley Blaugrund.