Hybrid students showcase their favorite fashion trends while transitioning back to school


A variety of fashion trends are taking West Ranch by storm as hybrid-learning students return to campus. Specific colors and patterns have left footprints of influence all across campus. Here are a few of the most popular pieces that Wildcats are wearing: 


Throughout the duration of COVID-19, masks have been both helpful and a trendy fashion accessory. This past year, students have worn both medical and cloth masks that vary in color, shape and fabric.

Freshman Julia Kremenetsky expressed her opinions on masks in the fashion industry, she states, “I feel that wearing a mask of your choice can help you express your personality and fashion sense the same way as clothes. They help make you feel more comfortable and put together when you add an extra touch to your outfit.”

Many stores and online retailers offer personalized masks, giving people a chance to express themselves wherever they go. Popular brands and convenience stores such as JOANN and Target have materials that students can use to create and personalize their own masks as well. Upcycling and refurbishing old clothing items into functional masks for protection has been especially popular over quarantine. 



Shoes may be used to match your clothing, for sports or even just to show off your favorite brands. As shoes are offered in countless styles, purposes and sizes, many West Ranch students purchase different types of shoes to compliment their varying outfits. 

Students also purchase shoes to follow trends.  For example, starting a few years ago, many students suddenly began wearing Air Force 1s. Even if you are not a shoe-lover, these trends are noticeable and are impactful. Now, as students come back to the campus, different shoe styles and trends are also coming back, such as high-tops and all-white shoes. 

Sophomore Christopher Kim, a shoe and fashion lover, noted that “Shoes play a pretty significant role in fashion. Depending on what shoes you wear, the silhouette, aesthetic, and the whole look of your outfit can change.”

As students continue to take part in these trends, adding their own take on each piece of clothing allows them to create a personal connection to what they adorn. Creativity and personalization of their clothing choices make experimenting with different styles and trends increasingly more fun.