Fashion trends for Spring 2021


Emily Chang, Lead Media Manager

Though it might feel like the start of quarantine was only yesterday, a new spring season has arrived. While it might be hard to pinpoint exact styles that will be popular during this welcome period of warm weather, there are a few standout trends that will likely be a staple in many closets. Thanks to mainstream apps like Tik Tok and even more reputable fashion sources like Vogue, the following pieces and patterns can be easily identified as 2021’s Spring Fashion Standouts.

Hawaiian Print
Although the Hawaiian print is commonly associated with gaudy button ups found in souvenir shops, more recent incorporations of the pattern offer an alternative to the overdone spring florals that grace department stores each year. High fashion brands such as Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are already producing pieces with a sophisticated take on the well loved design. However, more traditional pieces are also a popular and affordable option.

Spending the past year in quarantine meant that traditional hobbies such as crochet made a major comeback. Today, this has manifested itself in the major trend of knitwear and crochet clothing items. Though smaller Etsy and Instagram shops offer traditional, handmade crochet pieces, larger retail stores such as Zara and Target sell slightly toned down versions through the form of chunky knitwear. Though knit clothing and warm weather seem counterintuitive, the ability to sell knit versions of spring and summer clothing seems to circumvent this obstacle.
West Ranch Senior Amanda Sheppard finds knitwear to be this spring’s best trend. “It’s something I can actually make myself and enjoy using, and I love stuff that reminds me of grandma fashion,” Sheppard mentions.
Samantha Ilan, another West Ranch senior, echoes this sentiment. “My grandma taught me to crochet and I can make the tops myself. I think it’s a very customizable trend and also a new hobby to pick up because you can make it yourself and make it fit the way you like and do whatever colors you want,” she adds.

Milkmaid tops and dresses
Milkmaid tops and dresses are the perfect closet addition for an airy and comfortable spring look. Typically referring to puffed shoulders and a sweetheart neckline, the milkmaid style offers a subtle touch to any outfit. The milkmaid style is most often associated with lighter colors and dainty floral patterns, once again reinforcing its position as a spring essential. Incorporating the milkmaid trend is as easy as adding a few simple tops that can be paired with a variety of patterned bottoms for an effortless, trendy look.

Halter tops
A nod to the popular 70s neckline, halter tops are making a comeback for this spring season. Although this shoulder-exposing style is most typically found in tops, halter dresses and even swimwear are also gaining popularity. This style is rapidly becoming a staple for many fashion retailers, from smaller boutiques to high fashion brands, due to the bold statement a halter top can make. Pairing a patterned or boldly colored halter top with chunky boots also juxtaposes to create a nice balance.

Color Combinations
As a final honorable mention, the following color combinations are gaining popularity during the warmer months. As many begin to swap their neutral or black and white clothing pieces for some brighter colors, lilac/sage, pink/green, and orange/pink color combinations seem to be taking the cake.