Cancer Walk For Life

Andrew Hezel, Staff Writer

The Cancer Walk, a fundraiser and activity held by the Santa Clarita chapter of the American Cancer Society, is open to anyone in SCV. On Saturday, May 1, the Cancer Walk for Life took place at the COC football field. The coordinators decided to organize The Cancer Walk rather than planning an online fundraiser in order to get active and plan an activity.
Brandy Broxton, who visited the Walk, explained, “I had my mom diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2001, and it was truly a struggle for the whole family. We couldn’t always afford some treatments, and we had lots of trouble doing basic things with our mom. She died last year, and I’m participating for her and all the other families affected by cancer.”

These events are felt to be more effective for patients, communities, and participants than the typical GoFundMe fundraisers or simple online donations. Here, people are able to connect and become more active members in their community by meeting people and participating in pop ups, games and buying shirts and food where a percentage of the profits go to cancer cure research.

Specifically, these events allow many different people to come together and share their unique stories and experiences.

Brandy Broxton was one of the attendees. When Broxton heard about the cancer walk, she stated, “I knew that I had to go.”
When asked what she thought about the event, Broxton explained that “When all of us get together, it creates a new type of energy and love.”

Another attendant at the gathering was Linda Sandan, whose daughter is currently being treated for cancer. Since her daughter’s diagnosis in 2018, Sandan has become a very active member of a cancer recovery group and helps support those who need it.

“These events help me find others who are in the same situation as me and also not,” Sandan concluded. “I have met the most wonderful people at these events, and I am forever grateful for the friends I have met at events for cancer awareness and fundraising. I am proud of everyone that comes.”

If you are interested in helping out or participating in one of these events check the community Calendar page on the City of Santa Clarita website.