Post-Covid Bucket List


   The coronavirus has brought many novel experiences to the comfort of our own homes (We’re looking at you, Ratatousical). But as the one-year anniversary of COVID restrictions nears, we couldn’t be more tired. Instead of moping around the house aimlessly and turning on a movie only to fall asleep scrolling through Instagram, here are some things to look forward to. 

   Although these activities may not become a reality for many months as the population slowly becomes vaccinated, there’s certainly no harm in planning ahead. Get out a paper, pen and your imagination and make these 11 fantastic additions to your Post-Covid Bucket List.

1. See a movie in theaters 

Although new home releases like “Soul” and “Wonder Woman 1984” have been a nice touch during the pandemic, nothing beats the feeling of walking into a movie theater and having the smell of buttery popcorn envelop your senses. We’re especially looking forward to the Edwards rollercoaster montage, tubs of freshly-popped popcorn and the feeling of leaving a movie and finding out it’s night. 

2. Picnic at the beach 

Itching for a Pinterest board-worthy outing? Look no further. A simple picnic at the beach is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature, soak up the California sun and capture a few precious moments via camera. Go for a refined European ambience with sparkling water and charcuterie boards, or simply enjoy In-N-Out burgers and shakes as the sun sets for the classic SoCal experience. 

3. Disneyland

It wouldn’t be a Post-Covid Bucket List without a trip to the happiest place on Earth! You’ll be able to satisfy your cravings for iconic foods (like the Dole Whip and Mickey Beignet), go crazy on every ride there is, and wave at parade floats, all without wearing a mask. 

4. Museums/art galleries

We can’t wait to Monet the day away at some of LA’s beloved museums: The Getty (and Getty Villa), MoMA, LACMA, the Museum of Natural History and so on. Or make the drive down to Venice Beach to check out the small art galleries and perhaps even purchase in support of small creatives.

Paw Print Pro-Tip: Before going to a museum, download its app for exclusive tips and factoids! 

5. Vacations by plane 

Airplanes and airports have been dangerous hotspots for contracting the coronavirus, but once it’s all over we can finally travel long distances. Road trips are nice occasionally but you can’t go to Europe by car. Going on family trips and sightseeing is a perfect way to celebrate the end of quarantine.

6. Try on outfits in stores and be able to return them 

Shopping is not as fun if you don’t get to try on the items that you want. These days what you pick is usually what you take home because we are not allowed to try them on in the store or it is a no-return online store. After the pandemic, you can finally go to malls and try out any outfit and return it if you change your mind.

7. Concerts and Live Theatre

After months of holding ear-shattering solo concerts in our rooms until our parents tell us to stop, we’d love to leave the performing to our favorite professionals. 

Paw Print ProTip: Many small artists have been struggling financially due to the pandemic. Consider purchasing a (usually quite affordable) ticket to your favorite LA-based band or singer’s post-COVID gig. 

8. Escape rooms

Though it isn’t much fun being stuck inside during a pandemic, trying to maneuver your way out of an escape room is a whole different experience. Several escape rooms in SCV can give you all the thrill of a heist or horror flick without the long drive there: Arcane Escape Rooms, Unlocked Escape Rooms and All Locked Up are three great options for locally-based fun! 

9. Physical contact

You’ll be able to share a smooch with your significant other or a new flame without fear of contracting a deadly disease! In fact, get excited to hug, receive high-fives (and even the less-satisfying low-fives), and fist-bump to your heart’s delight. 

10. Farmer’s market

We sure miss shopping locally and sustainably in the California sun. Not only is the farmer’s market a way to show support to your community’s small farms, but it also can be part of a fun outing! Next time you head to the Newhall Library or COC to pick up some fresh produce, invite a friend to shop with you and head to brunch at a local cafe. 

11. Host a party

We don’t even need to preface this one: COVID has left us all yearning for social interaction. Be the host with the most by turning up a playlist of your favorite discovered-during-quarantine tunes, wearing that outfit you’ve been waiting to show off in public and letting loose without the fear of forgetting your mask! 


   Although the things on this list are mostly unavailable now, they are just a few of the things we can look forward to when the pandemic has passed. With our suggestions in mind, when the world is officially COVID-free, we’d love to see West Ranch students on adventures as you complete your own Post-Covid bucket lists.