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Freshman Camaron Steen takes his passion for dance to the next level

Alyssa Chang and Jasmine Wongphatarakul

March 31, 2020

   To perfect their performance, dancers and artists have to practice for countless hours. Freshman Camaron Steen is part of the West Ranch Hip Hop team and knows all about the time, commitment and effort that is put into dancing.    Steen’s passion for dance has led him to dance profession...

Cory Brick Has the Resolve to Solve

Cory Brick Has the Resolve to Solve

Brooke Johnston, Feature's Editor

March 5, 2020

The Rubik’s Cube: The classic puzzle that captures our attention but intimidates us from actually attempting to solve it. According to The Telegraph, even its inventor Erno Rubik couldn’t solve his “magic cube” after he completed building the puzzle in 1974.  But if you’ve been in a class with senior ...

We Are #SaugusStrong

We Are #SaugusStrong

Alexa Empleo, News Editor

December 2, 2019

On the morning of Nov. 14, a 16-year-old male student opened fire at 7:38 a.m. on Saugus High School’s campus. Three students were wounded and two were fatally shot. This includes the gunman, who later died from a self-inflicted gunshot injury. Two victims, Dominic Blackwell and Gracie Anne Muehlberger, pa...



Alyssa Chang and Jasmine Wongphatarakul

November 12, 2019

   West Ranch High School junior James Walusko’s days are filled with balancing school work, practicing the trumpet and training to become a pilot.     “Both of my grandparents were pilots, as well as my great grandparents, which really motivated me to follow the family tradition,” said Walu...

Space Rat

Space Rat

Chika Winston, Website Design Editor-in-Chief

November 4, 2019

 As the drummer starts with a beat, soon to be followed by the two guitarists, the four band members stand atop the stage — sweat trickling down their faces but cheeks engraved with smiles — where they overlook the small crowd in front of them.    Today, they are here to perform. Tonight, they will bring som...

Homelessness: Voiceless and Unheard

Kevin England, also known as London, walks down the streets of Stevenson Ranch, allowing his wild and friendly nature to make a lot of friends. The Paw Print had the honor of interviewing him for this article.

Chika Winston, Iman Baber, Alexa Empleo, Quynn Lubs, Kathryn Luo, and Brooke Johnston

February 19, 2019

As you drive down the road, you pass Six Flags Magic Mountain, where you’ve been going ever since you were four years old and where you worked during the summer as a teenager. Surrounding you are the vast canyons that you’ve hiked through so many times. Straight ahead, you can see Newhall, and you’...

This is Why I Don’t Play

This is Why I Don't Play

Daniel Lee, Harneet Arora, and Jasleen Arora

January 28, 2019

Overall, only 7 percent of high school athletes play at the collegiate level and of that seven, only 2 percent play at the NCAA Division I level. From there, only 2 percent of NCAA athletes go on to play professionally. A significant majority of these student-athletes will leave with a high school d...

Test. Tutor. Trauma.

Test. Tutor. Trauma.

Ryan Factora and Zoey Greenwald

December 22, 2018

  SAT. ACT. GPA.   These three-lettered abbreviations dominate conversations between West Ranch students; they all represent numbers -- quantifiable evidence of academic achievement. To a lot of us, they are tickets to college admissions, and we become obsessed. As a result, many have turned to t...

Our Most Valuable Students

Our Most Valuable Students

Sophia Kriegel, Skijler Hutson

December 3, 2018

In the hallway of the administration building is a collection of photographs of every graduating class since West Ranch’s first in 2008. In the foreground of each photo is the shining emblem of the gold robes. Since the school’s opening, graduating students have been seated and dressed separately b...

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Allison Alben, Design Editor

November 30, 2018

COLLEGE. I’ll give you a moment to catch your breath. That was scary, wasn’t it? I know it was for me. I’m a year away from applying, and even I can already feel my heart racing at the thoughts of applications and letters of rec and every other thing that compiles into the monstrosity that i...

Who’s the Man? Mr. Manalastas Q & A

Who's the Man? Mr. Manalastas Q & A

Jasleen Arora and Daniel Lee, Sports Editors

November 30, 2018

With all the changes that happened last year, we had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Manalastas about his thoughts on approaching his first full year of coaching varsity boys basketball. Q: How did you first get involved in coaching? A: A few years ago, I was asked if I would ever be interested in coaching again, an...

West Ranch’s Astronomy Club Shoots for the Stars

West Ranch's Astronomy Club Shoots for the Stars

Brooke Johnston and Katie Luo

November 29, 2018

Outer space has been a focal point of human intrigue for thousands of years, and interest has only spiked as time has passed. What is out there? How is it out there? Who might be out there? An insatiable desire to discover the vast unknowns of space has led curious and driven people to determine metho...

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