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Winter Fashion 2023


As the weather continues to grow colder, fashion on campus has officially begun its transition to winter apparel. To celebrate the chilly season, the Paw Print interviewed four stylish students, each with their own unique and exciting fashion choices. 


Eli Wamsteker 

Senior Eli Wamsteker is well-known across campus for his timeless style. Wamsteker is pictured to the right wearing a classic look: a black beanie, a black UniQLO puffer jacket, a graphic tee from FA, a pair of thrifted jeans and white Adidas shoes. 

“What I like most about winter fashion is that I can always layer my clothes in a creative way,” Wamsteker commented. Compared to the warmer months, fashion during the cooler season gives students the flexibility to dress up their outfits by wearing multiple layers. Whether it’s for comfort or aesthetics, being able to elevate one’s apparel through simple layering makes the season stand out from others. 


Effie Gross 

Another student who embodies a fabulous fashion sense is senior Effie Gross. Shown on the right is Gross wearing an old, upcycled sweater crewneck, a vintage Tiffany & Co. necklace, black cargo pants from Garage and a classic pair of New Balance 550 footwear in white. Although simple, Gross makes sure to showcase an outfit both modern and comfortable. 

In comparison to other students on campus, Gross gets much of her style from actress and A-list celebrity Zendaya.

Gross described how the actress has influenced her style: “My style inspiration is definitely Zendaya. Her fashion is elegant and timeless while being trendy at the same time. I love her.” 


Adrian Morales 

For senior Adrian Morales, style thrives the most during the colder season. Like Wamsteker, Morales is also a big fan of layering, as it allows him to experiment with different shirts and jackets in order to truly elevate an outfit. 

In addition, Morales sources his style inspiration from the people he’s surrounded by. “I don’t really have a style icon, but I get a lot of my inspiration from my friends and classmates near me,” Morales explained. “Some of my clothes are from my dad’s closet too, so I always have stuff to wear.” 

Rather than spending a lot of money on new clothes each season, Morales chooses to home-shop in his dad’s closet and thrift at second-hand stores. Thrifting, a popular fashion phenomenon, promotes sustainable consumerism. In fact, Morales is pictured wearing a shirt from his dad and a jacket he thrifted, along with a classic pair of Levi jeans and Nike shoes. 


Amelie Mendoza 

Finally, to the left is senior Amelie Mendoza, shown wearing a black sweater from Pacsun, her mom’s old pair of denim shorts upcycled into a skirt and a pair of black leather boots she borrowed from her friend. 

Like many teenage girls, Mendoza finds a lot of her inspiration from the media. In fact, Mendoza revealed that she feels heavily inspired by the app Pinterest as well as musical artist Gracie Abrams. Being able to find inspiration from her online feed is what makes her fashion sense relevant yet functional. 

Furthermore, Mendoza described how she appreciates the versatility of the winter season: “I love winter fashion especially because of the ability to wear jackets and sweaters.” She continued, “It doesn’t get too cold so I have the flexibility to mix and match.”


As students adapt to the cooler temperatures, the Paw Print encourages its readers to experiment and find their fashion inspiration from anywhere. Happy winter everyone! 

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Isabella Truong
Isabella Truong, Lead Design Editor
This year, senior Bella Truong will be completing her sixth year practicing journalism as a Lead Design Editor. She has been in A&E since her freshman year, and hopes to continue exploring her love for all things pop culture, art, fashion, and music related. In addition to journalism, Truong will be playing her final year on the varsity soccer team as a captain. After twelve years of the sport, her dream is to hopefully play in college. Like all teenage girls, Truong enjoys drinking caffeinated beverages, spending too much money on make-up, utilizing her noise-cancelling headphones to listen to Lana Del Rey, and napping daily. She hopes to survive her senior year like all years, accompanied by her emotional support Hydroflask and her Spotify premium account.