ASB pushes through during times of uncertainty

Lauren Guss and Alyssa Chang

   Quarantine has not been easy, especially for many on-campus organizations. ASB has had to quickly adapt to these new regulations to continue projects and events they have planned. One twist to these activities is the new location: Zoom, the video conference platform West Ranch uses to partake in online learning. Some of these online events include inviting the West Ranch dance team and cheer team to perform (socially distanced) during an online rally, organizing spirit days during online classes and on social media, setting up scavenger hunts around Santa Clarita, and most recently, creating a wishing well for students to have their wishes granted.  These gifts will be delivered to students’ houses instead of given on campus before distance learning. Adapting to online circumstances meant finding alternative ways for student participation. Nicole Augusta, ASB President, explains, “Social media is a huge aspect of our virtual spirit activities! Our social media commissioners have been busy creating posts to publicize our spirit days and activities, and this has been our most reliable source of publicity these past few months.” These safe and social-distance friendly activities create a way for ASB to push forward during these times of frustration and change.


We would have done many things if quarantine had not happened. From pep rallies, posters, and traditional lunch brunch student recognition, our ASB has missed out on so much this year. However, we have worked around all of these events!” -Julia Quinones, sophomore 

 “ASB projects need to have new processes in order to abide to quarantine regulations. They may have to be virtual or social distanced, but we are trying to keep them as normal as possible. A good example of this is the virtual scavenger hunt that went on last month.” -“Bryce Blaugrund, sophomore

“It’s been quite hard to work together during these times. ASB is very teamwork-oriented, so a lot of what we do requires tons of face-to-face communication. It’s been tough to try and do everything we wanted when we aren’t allowed to see each other.” -Esi Otoo, freshman


   Resilience and adaptability have been especially prominent among ASB staff these recent months. Despite having to work around online classes, modifying activities, and not having easy access to an in-person team setting, this hard-working group of students haven’t quivered in the face of uncertainty. They have kept their positive spirits glowing and their creativity flowing. They have found innovative ways to emphasize our school spirit, from class color contests to creating a non-contact wishing well, an activity that usually takes place on campus. This creative organization has remained consistent in times of uncertainty, and adjusting to change is becoming one of their many strengths.