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FORM + CONTENT Boutique Feature

   On your next trip to Old Town Newhall, consider stopping by the FORM + CONTENT boutique. Located just off of Main Street. This family-owned business offers something for everyone, with handpicked clothing, jewelry, accessories and home decor. It sits behind Eat Real Cafe, and is located just a quick walk away from the Laemmle Theater. Owner Erica Munson explained how this business started: “My daughter came up with the idea when we were at a boutique in my hometown in Oregon and, as we were leaving, she said, ‘Mom, we loved that experience. It was great, why don’t you do it?’” 

   After deciding to open a business, Ms. Munson worked towards her goal little by little. “Every day, I would work on it a little bit and work towards the progression of opening up a store, and if at any point it didn’t seem like it made sense, I would stop,” Ms. Munson shared. Starting with just four blank walls, Ms. Munson and her daughter had to build up and decorate the store from scratch. A year and a half later, FORM + CONTENT had its grand opening on July 4, 2023.

   As a painter, Ms. Munson explained that it was important for her to include an artistic name with significance. “There is an art term [called] ‘form and content.’ Form is the physical manifestation of something that you create, whether that’s painting, sculpture or ironwork. The content is the reason behind it.” Giving an example of the store, Ms. Munson asked, “What does it mean to you to create something? What does it mean to someone else that sees that creation? That is what this is. Yes, the form of it is four walls and all of our product, but what is the meaning behind it? What does it feel like when you come in?” 

   Junior Avery Watson recently visited the store and praised the experience: “I loved all the clothes, and the place was really nice. There were a lot of other people there, a mother, a daughter and a young couple. Very hip vibe, all around.” Watson purchased a shirt as well as a cardigan, which she wears frequently.

    Ms. Munson’s daughter, June Munson, is a West Ranch junior and works as the associate manager of FORM + CONTENT. “[My role involves] just going with my mom to all these different shows around the country to pick product. When she’s not here or has other stuff she has to be doing, I’m here as well. I open the store, I close the store,” Munson explained. Supported and encouraged by her mom, she enjoys bringing her perspective into decisions for the boutique and helping out whenever she is needed. 

   Ms. Munson described, “Sometimes when her ideas differ from mine there’s a little bit of a clash but June is very forward-thinking in her approach, whether it is fashion or how we present it.” As a high school student, she provides a knowledgeable perspective on clothing for a younger audience. 

   “She is a really strong girl and I appreciate that. Sometimes [her strength] makes [making decisions] a little challenging, but I like a challenge and I like the fact that she pushes me and makes me think differently.” Whenever Ms. Munson is unable to be there, her daughter is able to run the store and handle all customers’ needs. “I trust her with my store, so I can walk away knowing that it is in good hands.”

   The family partnership also emphasizes their priority to sell items relevant to all age groups. Ms. Munson explained, “I believe our target range is young girls to even beautiful older women that come in all the time. There’s a group that is in their nineties that go to the movies together and they’ve stopped by a couple of times.” From candles and earrings to scarves and purses, this boutique has more than just clothing. “Our range is wide because we have a lot of, not only clothes that fit a lot of body types and personality types, but we also have a lot of gifts that work well for every age,” Ms. Munson added. 

   With a primarily female customer base, the mother-daughter duo recognizes the importance of supporting women in business and promoting local, female businesses whenever they can. Ms. Munson emphasized that the store focuses on women-owned, small batch, handmade, artisanal and American-made products.

   The store has a collection of items primarily made in the United States, as well as many items made locally in the Los Angeles area. Each item in the store is hand-picked by the mother-daughter duo: “When we go to shows, there are huge convention centers full of brands on top of brands, and you just walk through aisles and find the stuff that looks cool or kinda matches your vibe and then you have to figure out what the wholesale price is, and find out if that is your right price range, and test the clothes to see if it is good quality and see if the brand ethics match your ethics as well,” Munson explained.

   The Munsons’ hand-picked selection of vendors and pieces translates into their mission of celebrating small businesses. “Customer service is number one for us and it will always be. I think people come to boutiques because it’s not Amazon, it’s not online. They come to boutiques to have relationships and be a part of a community,” Ms. Munson elaborated. From a flexible return policy to personal relationships with shoppers, this business cultivates a sense of community in more ways than one. 

   Watson expressed her appreciation for this commitment to authenticity: “I think it’s really important to support locally owned businesses, especially West Ranch family-owned businesses, in this day and age of these domineering large corporations.”

   Social media also plays an important role in fostering brand identity. For the Munsons, consumer engagement occurs via their Instagram account Munson detailed, “Our Instagram is definitely very fun and quirky; we do a lot of videos of me and my mom just messing around and being silly.” The duo uploads short, casual reels to establish their brand and allow customers to see them in a more personable light. With this candid insight into their operations, they can form a stronger connection with individuals who come across their store online. “There’ve been so many people that come into the store and say, ‘I love your guys’ reels on Instagram, I love seeing you and your mom.’ It definitely adds to the community, where all these people are connected,” she shared. 


Cats, be sure to stop by FORM + CONTENT on your next trip to Old Town Newhall. On Tuesday through Saturday, the store is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.. With varied product options and friendly owners, your trip is sure to

be enjoyable.

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