Canyon Country’s Impulse Music Co. sets the stage for rising local artists


From left: Summer Collins, members from the band King, Janelle Safford

   With so many independent artists striving to get their name on a big stage, it can be hard to book regular gigs. Luckily, SCV’s Impulse Music Co. hosts an open mic night on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Rising artists and bands perform original songs, accompanying themselves on the stage.

   Impulse Music Co. is a music store in Canyon Country off of Soledad Canyon Road where musicians can find one-of-a-kind instruments, come to live shows and even take lessons. The store has multiple features beyond retail, with studios in the back and a stage on the right of the entrance.

   The small yet charming stage has a sophisticated sound system with spotlights and a neon sign of the store’s name. It encapsulates the feel of a concert but on a smaller scale, giving the audience and performers a more intimate experience.

   Impulse employee and West Ranch alumni Quynn Lubs hosts the open mic nights. The Paw Print had a chance to speak to her about the unique opportunity she gives to local musicians and singers.

   “I love doing the open mic nights because a lot of really good musicians have kind of gotten their start here,” Lubs explained. “I just like bringing all the different people from the community into one space to share their art, you know?”

   Lubs has been working at Impulse since the beginning of the year, and began hosting the open mics around March. Since then, she has helped provide a platform for smaller artists to come and show off their talents.

   “My favorite part about open mic night is honestly when new people come to perform and I get to hear all the different talented people especially when it’s like, super unexpected and they’re crazy good,” Lubs said excitedly.

   Although most performers usually sing songs they have written, they can also perform covers on the Impulse stage. One artist, Summer Collins, covered “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin, or her “comfort cover” as Collins likes to call it.

   “My favorite part about performing is opening my heart, and it feels like you fall into this flow of art. It’s very cool. You connect to your highest self, you connect to everybody around you, and things feel very peaceful and simple,” she said.

   Collins also writes her own songs, though most of them have never been recorded. 

   “I get my inspiration from dreams, I get it from taking time to learn about myself, and slowing down. I get a lot of inspiration from nature,” she explains. “It just opens your mind to a lot of cool ideas.”

   “I was searching for open mics in Los Angeles because I haven’t performed in over a year and a half,” Collins told The Paw Print. “I’m really happy I came out.”

   As Collins expressed, rising artists have a safe space to perform regardless of genre, age and talent through these open mics. By giving a platform to share their music, Impulse Music Co. shows performers that no opportunity is too small.