Wildcats Against Cancer

Oliver Kostich, Staff Writer

  Wildcats Against Cancer is a club at West Ranch that focuses on raising money towards cancer awareness and treatment through fundraising events and other campaigns. This club  promotes volunteering to help cancer patients and others affected by cancer.


   Ms. Barr, the advisor of Wildcats Against Cancer, explained the impact of the club. “I think what’s important is that it teaches others how to serve one another, how to do community service and how to do fundraising events,” she said. “It’s not about us and what we get out of it, but [trying] to invest in others and serve others, and I think that’s the most important thing.”


  Wildcats Against Cancer also helps support students and families in the district with family members or friends currently undertaking cancer treatment. 


   West Ranch freshman and club member, Lexi Seres, discussed her role in helping students and families that are affected by cancer. “Whenever someone submits information that they know someone struggling with cancer, we put together care packages for them and their families as a reminder that we are [here] for them.”


  Since the club’s main focus is helping those affected by cancer, members frequently volunteer for the American Cancer Society to raise money for their cause and directly help cancer patients and their loved ones. 


  “I would say the most important part [of Wildcats Against Cancer] is being able to fundraise for the American Cancer society. The money doesn’t just go to research, which we know is happening, but we don’t see the effects of all the time. It goes to services that actually help people who are going through cancer treatment,” Ms. Barr explained.


  Amber Kingery, the club’s vice president, added, “I think what our club does is really great in a sense where we get to help people who are suffering from worse circumstances. And you know, cancer, whether your family has it or your friends have it, really affects everyone, so just having your community come together to help support those people is really amazing.”


  Throughout the year, Wildcats Against Cancer continues holding various events to raise money and awareness for cancer treatment. The club, which has been helping cancer patients since 2008, has raised nearly $100,000 towards the American Cancer Society.