Tips on preparing for finals

Kim Nguyen and Grace Lee

 Finals at West Ranch are just days away, and students have been preparing for the rigorous testing schedule ahead. Spending these valuable days on practicing effective studying methods is crucial to see the best results possible. 

   Tobby Zheng, a junior, shared some insight on what he believed is a useful preparation tip. “Prioritize harder classes, and spend more time on classes that you struggle with,” Zheng expressed. “The same goes for the study material in each class, spend more time on your weaker areas instead of spending equal amounts of time for each unit/chapter.” 

   Theresa Fox-Warford, a West Ranch counselor, provided additional advice to students that may also help with preparation. For finals, she explained how she “[understands] that everybody wants to see their friends right now, but coming in in the morning, and talking with your teachers at lunch would be ideal.” Teachers often have open classrooms before school in the morning, brunch, lunch or some availability after school. These resources are easy to access and tremendously helpful to those that use them.  Students often “think that because they’ve done their homework, they’re ready for their finals” Mrs. Fox-Warforford explained.“They really need to review, create notecards and talk to teachers.”

  It is important not to underestimate the effort needed in order to secure a grade. If you find yourself worrying about your finals, the best remedy is to study effectively. Create time for plenty of rest, form good study habits and never hesitate to ask for help from those around you. Most importantly, remember to never give up, Wildcats! 

   “Study hard! You got this,” Mrs. Fox-Warford said.  “And have a great three weeks off!”