Westfield Valencia Town Centers welcomes popular apparel store, Urban Outfitters


Anika Sachdeva and Isabella Truong

   Located on Valencia Boulevard, the Westfield Valencia Town Center revitalization has continued with the inclusion of new stores such as Anthropologie and Boba Time. On Dec 9, trendy fashion apparel store Urban Outfitters will be the next store in line to open, with a location near Macy’s. 

   West Ranch Sophomore Grayshia Alcine said, “I look forward to the opening of the store in the mall. There will be a new style of clothing that we haven’t seen up here. I am also excited that there is going to be a location here because I usually have to go to LA or Burbank to check their clothes out.”

   Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle retail store geared towards motivating customers to explore new ways of styling and creativity, according to their official website. The company has over 200 stores internationally. 

   With an assortment of collections, Urban Outfitters sells merchandise including feminine and masculine fashion apparel, beauty products, accessories, houseware, and other miscellaneous items. Iconically, they also sell cassette tapes, record players, and records that attract a wide diversity of musical customers. 

   West Ranch sophomore Bailey Green expressed, “I really like the variety in Urban Outfitters. They have nice dresses and comfortable sweatpants. They also have cute knick knacks and things for your room.”

   The brand is famously known for its higher prices, although their quality rarely falls short. According to their website, Urban Outfitters doesn’t hesitate to offer discounts, a rewards program, as well as opportunities for price matching.                                                                                                

   Furthermore, this new store arrives in time for customers to shop during the holiday season, which provides a great opportunity for the store’s start and the attraction of customers.

   “It will give me a close spot to get any last minute outfit pieces or gifts that I might need for the holidays and get together with friends and family,” Green explained.

   Local residents are given another store they can check out in the Westfield Valencia Town Center, perfect for any shopping via the upcoming holiday season. 

   Wildcats, make sure to check out the new Urban Outfitters if you’re looking for a good spot to shop for the holiday.