Girl Scout Cookie Season is here


Isabella Truong and Anika Sachdeva

As the annual Girl Scout Cookie Season reemerged this year on Jan. 10, Scout troops have set out to sell their well-known sweet treats in neighborhoods nationwide and through Santa Clarita Valley. Behind the scenes, Girl Scouts prepared for the iconic debut with plenty of coordination and consideration before the big drop.

Freshman Girl Scout Chelsea Higgins explained, “To prepare for selling, each Girl Scout must prepare their own website for online orders, pick up the Girl Scout cookies they are going to sell and keep a thorough record of all the cookies they have in stock.”


Each Scout is responsible for advertising to reach their target goals. The Girl Scouts of USA organization sets up online shop links for the troops to promote within their families, friends and local neighborhood homes. Scouts must keep track of orders and deliver each package in a timely manner. 

West Ranch junior Victoria Vo, frequent cookie buyer, articulated her thoughts on the benefits of Girl Scout Cookies: “I think it’s a great way to help girls step out of their comfort zone and learn to advertise and socialize with others, as it’ll help them in the future.”

In addition to stepping out of their comfort zone, selling cookies provides Scouts with long-life lessons in the form of building social skills, marketing, and managing finances. These skills can be applied to future careers and supply Scouts with a head-start on beneficial experiences.

“Speaking with each customer is one of my favorite parts of the season, and being able to do that really helps support our sales.” Higgins added, “I’ve also learned so much about navigating the financial part of selling things, all the way from making sure the right amount of change is being given, to figuring out how many boxes of cookies we need to sell in order to reach our goals.” 

Additionally, Girl Scout Cookies contribute to raising money for the organization. Any profits made from cookies sold help the local troop pay for group activities, travel and community projects. 

Wasowicz explained, “Selling cookies allows us to raise money for our troop to be able to go on trips and fund projects. Every girl has an individual amount of money that comes from sales, which later goes into purchases like camping or a flight with your troop.”

Girl Scout Cookies offer choices that fit a variety of preferences and allergies. For those who prefer a gluten-free alternative, the Caramel Chocolate Chip or the Toffee Tastic cookies are perfect. People who prefer vegan options may find that Thin Mints, Lemonades and Toast-Yays will fit their needs.

I love how unique Girl Scout cookies are and how they aren’t limited to your everyday chocolate chip cookie,” Vo expressed. “Plus, they come in so many flavors that you can’t get every day, so it is a nice change.”

For future plans in 2023, Girl Scouts will be returning to last year’s lineup, but will additionally include a new cookie called the Raspberry Rally. The cookie consists of a raspberry flavor wrapped in a chocolate coating giving it a delicious taste. For those interested, this cookie can be exclusively found online.


Traditional cookies can be shipped or found at local booths throughout neighboring areas. For more information, visit this link to see all the booths located in the Santa Clarita Valley.

If you are interested in purchasing a delicious treat, be sure to support your local troop and purchase Girl Scout Cookies before time runs out!